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InnovateGPT Group: Problem Statement Sharing Session

InnovateGPT Group: Problem Statement - Use Generative AI to revolutionize the analysis of sustainability reporting for companies.

First prize: 6-week unpaid internship at InnovateGPT Group Australia
Second prize: $300 AUD

1st place: $675 USD - Microsoft Funded

For this quest, participants will tackle the challenge of leveraging AI (Generative AI) to revolutionize sustainability reporting analysis for companies. The goal is to create a system that extracts sustainability objective statements from public company communications and compares them against publicly available progress data. Participants will design a system to assess if companies are on track with their stated sustainability objectives, including compliance with emerging emissions standards in that geography. The focus will be on utilizing public data sources to enable a comparison framework and potentially a predictive rating for the company’s future ability to meet its sustainability goals and commitments.

Tech Stack:
Azure OpenAI, Azure AI Search

Data Sources:
• Annual Reports: Extracting data from publicly available annual reports of companies to gather information on their sustainability objectives and progress.
• Sustainability Reports: Utilizing sustainability reports published by companies to collect detailed data on their environmental initiatives, goals, and performance metrics.
• Public News Articles: Mining public news articles related to companies to gather insights into any recent sustainability-related announcements, projects, or achievements.
Company Announcements: Analysing official company announcements to capture updates on sustainability initiatives, partnerships, or milestones that may impact their environmental performance.

Circle: Problem statement 2 - Build Next-Gen Apps with Novel Use Cases

Prize: 1000 USDC or $900 USD

Problem statement 2: Best Application using AI and blockchain to build an application that is not a part of the 3 above solutions. We are offering a bounty choice of either 1,000 USDC (1 USDC = 1 USD) or $900 USD. We are offering a slightly larger payout if you choose to receive funds in USDC.

🏆 Best Applications for Emerging Use Cases
Build an application (mobile or web app) that focuses on innovative solutions with novel and bespoke use cases.

Examples may include the following;
– Use blockchain in an AI use case around payments for inferences or compute. Extra points for developing AI agents that can bank themselves by receiving USDC for tasks they perform, and spending USDC on services or other AI agents to complete more tasks. –
– A blockchain-based social platform that also leverages AI, empowering secure transactions and sustainable growth through trusted identities and digital content creation.
– A creator-focused platform that utilises AI, USDC and smart contracts for content production, distribution, and monetisation with full creator control and ownership.
– A DeFi application that leverages AI and CCTP for improved interoperability, enabling cross-chain payments and swaps with enhanced security and liquidity.
– Gaming applications

Recommended Developer Tools: USDC, CCTP, Programmable Wallets, Smart Contract Platform, Gas Station, Azure OpenAI, Azure Speech.

Circle Resources:
– Documentation:
– Interactive quickstart guides:
– Video tutorials:
– Sample apps on GitHub:
– Access our APIs via our postman workspace:

Submission Guidelines:
Please make sure to include the following within your submission:

1. Functional MVP – The submission is a fully functional Minimum Viable Product (MVP) covering any of the abovementioned criteria.

– Presentation
– Video demo
– Testable code
– Deployed URL or Mobile application
– Survey submission by following the link here:

Refrain from submitting only pitch decks, marketing demos, and product documents without functional and testable code and demos.

2. Development Process – The submission includes clear and comprehensive documentation of the development process, including gists, sketches, discussions, and any issues encountered. Ensure the commit history demonstrates a steady and iterative development approach, not just one large pull request.

3. Integration Challenges/Feedback: The submission meticulously details any integration challenges with the provided API and documentation and the adept use of GitHub Issues to document problems and their resolutions extensively. We look forward to seeing documented feedback around how the solution and the corresponding resources can be improved and what you’d like to see to enhance your use case’s building.

4. Presentation and Documentation: The submission’s presentation and video detail its features and the integration of the programmable wallets API, while its well-structured documentation, including code comments, simplifies understanding and further development.

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